Thursday, November 14, 2013

Dee and the Jeep party !

Our newest addition to the farm is "Dee" , she is a bred heifer. How i came up with her name is because her ear tag # is 3. First thing that number reminds me of is Dale Earnhart , initials D.E. or Dee ! She is half black angus , half herford and is called a " White face", in the pics you will see why. I sold " Buckey and Stormy" and bought "Dee" to expand the herd. So now it's " Dee and Momma" both bred and expecting in the spring. I have been working in my spare time fixing up the "55 Willys" , new shocks,side mirrors,gas tank neck,tune-up,carb rebuildand and new pair of sneakers! She's running pretty good , i just need to get some kinks out and she'll be just fine. So you will see in the pic the "51" , "55" and "93" were having alittle get together! At Shemp's today Katie, Gerry and i worked on the booths and put legs on yet another new table. We only kept a few small tables for one or two and the rest are larger for comfort.We got some snow the other night too !


  1. Looks like a touch of winter has come your way. Great pictures always enjoy looking at your site never know what will be next.. LOL.. From our family to yours wishing Katie and You a Happy Thanksgiving !

    Your Friends in Missouri,
    Kathryn, Autumn, Forrest, & Kurt

  2. It's nice to hear that my twisted sense of humor is appreciated ! Were making the best out of this crazy ride were on, lol ! Love you guys and "Happy Thanksgiving".