Saturday, July 6, 2013

No Bull !

So the other night my dogs started barking around 11:00pm. I get out of bed and see two lights shining onto our pasture. I get out of bed , grabbed shotgun and out i go. I yell out " what the f**k you doing out there ? He answers " Curt it's Roy, my bull got out" . I was relieved that it was my neighbor and i didn't have to shoot anyone. We looked down with our flashlights and there he is , all 2100lbs of black angus bull ! He was laying in our creek to cool off from the walking and nooky he had. Roy says " can i leave him for the night and i get him in the morning". No problem i said. Next day we tried to load him in his trailer, bull didn't want to go. So i said to Roy " would you consider leaving him here for a week to knock momma up". He said sure because he already took care of his 50 cows and figure he needed a break. The funny part of this story is that i was getting ready to call a guy to artifically inseminate her. It was like the man upstairs dropped that one in my lap. Saved me $200 and the grass he eats. By the way it's been raining there's no lack of that !

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