Sunday, June 17, 2012

The weasel !

Our chickens started laying eggs at an average of 5 a day. Then one nite we left the window open so they could get some air, big mistake ! A weasel ripped thru the screen and killed our rooster and 4 hens. How i know it was a weasel is because they just bite the throat and suck the blood out.We learned a valuable lesson so we bought metal fence to put over the window. On to better news, we stocked our pond with large mouth bass , blue gill, channel cats and fathead minnows . After we stocked it the guy that brought the fish , Mike, noticed a large turtle surface. He said your going to want to shoot him or he will eat the fish. So the next day a got the rifle and waited. He said they can hold their breath for about 30 mins. before coming up for air. Sure enough he came up and bang, have not seen him again. I have learned that whenever you start something new , there's always maintance ! Then Katie wanted to learn how to use the brushog so she could help me mow the pasture, she did great ! My next project is to build a lean-to for our firewood. So i started cleaning up the old firewood pile an encountered a water snake, i don't like snakes , so you know what happened to him. Fyi, the company that stocked our pond is "Rainbowhead farms" they did a fine job and brought us some healthy fish , thanks Mike ! In the pics , the pile of wood is where the lean-to is going.

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