Saturday, April 14, 2012

Odds and Ends ....

Easter weekend was awesome , the kids came to visit with our grandson. Jayden is getting big , he's walking , in fact he took me for a long walk. He also likes to throw rocks in the pond !I have been doing alot of small things i needed to get done. I put a new battery in our neon, fixed some rust spots on the jeep, worked on the hen house, put up our street sign our neighbors gave us, built more shelves. Since the majority of the work on the house is done i thought i would find a job to keep me busy. My neighbor Butch works for the largest oil drilling company in the area. So he says , why don't you go down and see if he's got work for ya, so i did. I start Monday as the owner's personal groundskeeper on his horse ranch. So i have been busy catching up some stuff around here before i start. I will be working on my spare time around the house and plan to keep posting as i can.

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