Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Snow ?

We got a dusting of snow the other night , i guess winters at our back door, a knockin' .I hooked up the clothes dryer since its too cold to hang wash out. I hung the two overhead kitchen lights too , since the ceilings painted there. Then our kitchen cabinets were delivered . About 2/3's of our driveway has stone on it , the rest is mud. So the driver backed up to the end of the stone and dropped off the 2 skids . Then i loaded the boxes into my truck and brought them to the house and unloaded them. Our furnace works great , i am enjoying not having to get firewood all the time. But i know we will still burn the woodstove , because after 35 years firewood is part of my life !!! This afternoon i'm waiting on a triaxle of stone to finish the driveway !

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