Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hot !

The heat & humidity have been tough to work in the house. With no insulation at the moment the metal gets hot. The temp was 107 yesterday , with the windows open. I got the floor section removed for the cellar steeps, what a b...h ! I snapped off 2 phillip head bits trying to remove the bolts that hold down the wood , they won't come out. So i had to cut thru the wood floor with sawzall and circular saw , to expose the steel supports. Then with my gas torch and sawzall , i cut out the opening. Then i chained the floor to the walls upstairs so it would'nt fall thru. My neighbor stopped by and asked me if i wanted help lowering the floor, ah sure ! We lowered it , carried it out , it had to weigh like 500 lbs. , Thanks Vinny & Teresa ! Next is to layout the stringers for the steps and bolt a head board to mount them to. Tommorow its suppose to cool down , i hope.

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